This paradise planet mother earth is planned full of shit?!?! The social networks are the last card to rescue earth and stop the terror against nature mother earth and us!! The gods, our creators seems to be really pissy about our behavior so far, so study all under #MISNICISM and welcome to the frontline of the infowars!

Good news, SD_ECBS did more posts than the UN! Making wars, rubbing all history out of this place by fake wars, false flag ops, or just industrial organized in a way you never could imagine! The internet-community put this puzzle back in the place it need to be for mankind in a free internet! Use this as long this is open and possible. If we don't take care it will be under crime to have a normal pc. Than you will have poor tablets without any freedom of choice!


Allda Ben Marius de Bruycker

The United Artists for Earthoptimization